Learning Link Applications Guidance

Who do we give computers to?

We have reopened applications for children who are:

  • clinically vulnerable or living with someone clinically vulnerable

  • AND cannot afford a computer of their own to learn on.

Students may not be able to afford a computer for a variety of reasons. It is up to the referring school to assess if the pupil is in need.

We are delighted that this programme has been made possible through working in partnership with Luton Borough Council who are able to fund devices for children who meet this criteria.

We regret that we are currently unable to support children who do not fit this criteria.

Any computer given to a school student via this scheme:

  • should be loaned to the individual student the application relates to for the entirety of their time as a registered pupil at your school,

  • should be fully accessible to that student during term time and school holiday periods.

In the event the student leaves your school, please contact Luton Learning Link so we can agree together on how the device should be used.

Who can complete this form?

You are eligible to complete this application if you are one of the following:

  • a member of school staff,

  • an Educational Welfare Officer,

  • those asked to directly by Luton Learning Link or Luton Borough Council.

If you need a device but are not eligible to apply yourself, please contact your school.

Completing the form

The form requires you to:

  • gather information from the parent/carer of the student the device is being requested for,

  • tell us about how your school has already provided technology for children to learn with at home.

We also require you to gain authorisation from a senior member of school staff for each application you submit.

The form is not long, but it cannot be saved while it is being filled in. We suggest you have a look through the form prior to completion to make sure you have gathered all the information required.

If you have any problems while completing it or have any questions, please contact husna.rasul@leveltrust.org.


Applications will be assessed every Wednesday and a decision given the following week.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all applications will be approved.

Applications for this funding stream will close on Tuesday 9th of March. Any applications submitted after this date may not be considered.

Getting your devices

If you receive approval for your application, you now have two options of how you can get a device for the named child(ren) above:

  • Source devices for the named children directly and seek reimbursement from Luton Council up to £250 per device. Schools will need to show these are additional devices that have been purchased and allocated to the named child for the duration of their time on roll.

  • Ask Luton Learning Link to procure the device you need on your behalf.

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