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Who do we give computers too?

Any school student who does not have a computer to learn on at home because they cannot afford one. Students may not be able to afford one for a variety of reasons. It is up to the referring school to assess if the pupil is in need. Pupils you refer maybe those in receipt of pupil premium funding, or those whose family circumstances you are aware of.

We will not be able to provide support to every student who needs it. We therefore need to ask a series of questions to ensure the devices get to those most in need.

Who can complete this form?

You are eligible to complete this application if you are one of the following:

  • a member of school staff,
  • an Educational Welfare Officer,
  • those asked to directly by BLL.

If you need a device but are not eligible to apply yourself, please contact your school or husna.rasul@leveltrust.org.

Completing the form

The form requires you to

  • gather information from the parent/carer of the student the device is being requested for,
  • tell us about how your school has already providing technology for children to learn with at home.

We also require you to gain authorisation from a senior member of school staff for each application you submit.
The form is not long, but it cannot be saved while it is being filled in. We suggest you have a look through the form prior to completion to make sure you have gathered all the information required.

If you have any problems while completing it or have any questions, please contact husna.rasul@leveltrust.org.


  • Applications submitted by the 19th of January will receive a decision by the 22nd of January
  • Application submitted by the 26th of January will receive a decision by the 29th of January
  • Applications submitted by the 2nd of February will receive a decision by the 6th of February.

There is a national supply shortage of devices. We are doing our very best to procure as many as possible and will get these out as soon after the decision date as possible.

Best Wishes,
The Bedfordshire Learning Link Team.

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